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About our studio

Our state-of-the-art recording studios are an asset for the local music scene, with a focus on providing great opportunities for young musicians and local bands. Our studio engineers are all active musicians and have a wealth of experience in recording and mixing Singles, EPs and whole albums as well as spoken word tracks, radio shows and podcasts. Please get in touch to discuss your next project.

Studio Equipment

  • Acoustically treated Control Room with multiple monitoring options, SSL AWS900+ console and ProToolsHDX System.
  • Multiple outboard Preamp, EQ and Compression units as well as FX including an original EMT 140 Plate.
  • Adaptable Live Rooms along with a direct link to the main auditorium for larger ensemble and live event recordings.
  • Large locker of Microphones, Instruments and Amplifiers available on all sessions.

A space to create

What other people say…

”A hive of musical creativity inspiring the next generation of musicians”

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