Clitheroe recording studio featuring two guitar players promoting a live session offer Clitheroe recording studio featuring two guitar players promoting a live session offer

The Grand Studio Live Session Offer

Three live sessions, recorded and filmed for £435.  
Split the cost with two other acts, or have the whole thing to yourself 

Our studio is currently offering three live sessions – recorded, mixed and professionally filmed for £435. You can either split this cost with two other bands or artists (so each one paying £145), or you can have all three sessions to yourself. 

Each session is expected to run for two hours, including load-in and set up. The idea is that these sessions are quick and exciting, so make sure you’re well-rehearsed before coming in! Once you’re set up, you can take a good few runs at your track to make sure you get the perfect take. 

We’ll have a videographer running a single camera getting footage of your performances and afterwards, it will be properly edited ensuring you get an impressive piece of content at the end of it. The price also includes either Josh or Elliott professionally mixing the tracks too. 

Benefits of sharing the sessions 

Firstly, it makes it more affordable. Whether you’re in a band, or you’re a solo performer and you know a couple of other acts, you can reach out to them and see if they want to club together to get some professionally recorded and filmed tracks. 

£435 split three ways is considerably less than you’d normally have to spend to get these kinds of results. Whether you want to upload your live track to YouTube and use it as an application for festivals/gigs or split it down into more bitesize chunks for social media, at the end of it, it’s yours to do what you want with it.  

Having a few different acts around the studio in a morning or afternoon can also make for a really nice community-style vibe. We recently had a couple of bands in an afternoon splitting a session, then they went off to Manchester together to play a gig. 

Drum kit in The Grand recording studio in Clitheroe to promote live session offer.

Benefits of having all three sessions yourself 

Whilst you’re responsible for the cost of the whole thing, having all three sessions to yourself gives you more of a chance to settle in and relax before tracking. If you need a bit of time to get over red light syndrome, then it’s worth having all three slots. 

It also means you’re going to walk away with more recorded songs. You’ve got the same amount of time as three separate sessions, so once you’re set up, you can leave your gear there for a good few hours and get playing, ensuring that you get the performances you want.