Clitheroe Comedy Club is a partnership between The Grand and comedy agency Just Fair Laughs.

The opening night came back in March, 2015, with Justin Moorhouse and Steve Royal starring, and ever since the club has been held at a frequency of 4 per year, with the occasional ‘special’ event in addition. Hosted and curated by our laugh-a-minute host and anchorman Tony Vino, the club has become a well established event, attracting some of the UK’s most exciting and creative comics, many of them with high profiles from their television work.

Some of the stars to perform on the Grand stage include Mrs Barbara Nice, Daliso Chaponda, Paul Pirie, Martin Mor, Tom Binns (Ian D Montford / Ivan Brackenbury), Christian Reilly and many many more.  Look out for our Edinburgh Festival Fringe special in July featuring one-liner king Gary Delaney and Tom Wrigglesworth.

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