Kiera Twizelle Album Release

Kiera Twizelle Released her Debut Album, REFOCUS on Friday 28 April 2023 .

Kiera Twizelle has recently developed her songwriting skills, penning her first album titled “Refocus” which was released in April 2023. The Album is an exploration into different musical styles and preferences and features a mix of emotional ballads alongside Neo-Soul, RnB and upbeat pop records; it all showcases Kiera’s magnetic and enticing vocals whilst bringing to life a rising song writing talent who has been empowered by her experiences in life and inspired by the likes of Taylor Swift, Whitney Houston, Bruno Mars, and Prince. Kiera’s debut album, “Refocus”, was produced by her band mate and duo partner Marc Winstanley and features twelve original songs written by Kiera Twizelle.

Kiera says “Refocus tells a story in which I had to motivate myself to really achieve what I set out to do. Along the way there were so many knocks and I often became disengaged and didn’t believe in myself or really understand the knocks I was taking – Refocus is my journey and my visualisation to bring me back to my destination”.

The debut Album, REFOCUS is out now and available on all streaming platforms. 

With her previous dance track, ‘Higher’ under her belt, Kiera Twizelle has a good listener following on Spotify with over 125,000 streams and 2000 monthly listeners. 

Album art can be just as important as the music – it sets the tone for an album. The use of Liverpool’s Street Art was used as the backdrop for the “Refocus” album cover as Kiera felt it created colour and happiness. The wall full of colour is something that makes Kiera happy as she walks to LIPA each day – it’s full of colours and character, which inspires people and wakes them up. She hopes the album can create something similar for people when they listen to it. 

“There hasn’t been a time in my life when I wasn’t surrounded by music; it flows through every vein and accompanies every thought. My sole ambition is to make a living as a songwriter and musical performer, and this has informed everything I’ve done since a very young age.” 

Kiera is currently studying at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, which she believes is the perfect place for her to grow her skills and reach her goal of being a first class songwriter and performer. Although comfortable as a solo artist, Kiera relishes collaborating with other musicians and performs as part of a duo, Marc and Kiki. She describes how exciting it is to see the diary filling up with paid bookings, knowing she has taken the first steps towards earning a living doing what she loves. 

As well as becoming a recording artist, over the past couple of years Kiera has performed lots of live gigs in places like Bolton, Manchester, Liverpool and Preston, however she says the most exciting project she has had to date was the Kiki And The Noughtie Boyz headline gig at The Grand in Clitheroe on 18 March 2023.

“To be able to play at my local theatre doing what I love to people in the town where I come from and who have supported me throughout was a dream come true”. Kiera is now the cover of the Summer Events Guide for The Grand, which has ” has literally made (her) burst with excitement!”.

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