Kiki & The Noughtie Boyz

Music event

Kiki & The Noughtie Boyz

Saturday 16 November 2024

This isn’t just a concert – it’s a journey. A journey that takes you through the 80s, 90s and 00s, back to the neon lights, the cassette tapes, the dance floor anthems of golden eras. The music will envelop you in a wave of nostalgia, letting you reminisce and relive the music that shaped the era.

The ultimate celebration of popular music. Playing your favourite songs in a new exciting way. Everything from Pop, Rock, Indie and Funk. Weaving in and out of the best songs ever made. Using their unique medleys to take all the best parts of classics, old and new, to ensure that you’ll be entertained, moved and made to dance for every second they’re on stage.

The band features some of the north west’s busiest and in-demand professional musicians, so whether you want to simply let your hair down or watch musical interplay, you’re in for a treat.

Let Kiki and the Noughtie Boyz lead you to the biggest party of the year with jam-packed Medleys containing songs from artists such as Robbie Willlams, Oasis, Prince, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, James, Madonna, Green Day, Spice Girls, The Jam, Wham!, The Killers, N-Trance ELO, Backstreet Boys, Queen and many more.

Info and booking

  • Standing £12.00
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Age Restriction:
14+ (14-17 year olds must be accompanied by adult)
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We are a cashless venue and a ticketless venue, please see our guidelines before visiting