Jack Watkins – ‘Infinity Inside’ EP launch

We recently had the pleasure of hosting the launch of Jack Watkins’ ‘Infinity Inside’ EP at our venue. Jack owns his own business as a Designer, Creative Director, Songwriter and Music Producer and celebrates uniqueness and creative expression in his work.

Words from Jack Watkins:

Insta @jackwatkins

Although I’ve been playing the piano, singing and writing music for years, the launch of my new EP Infinity Inside at The Grand felt like the perfect opportunity to perform my own music live for the very first time. I wanted to celebrate what was a milestone moment for me by inviting all the people who have helped me along the way on my musical journey. I was particularly delighted that my piano teacher, Mrs. Bowler, who taught me from when I was six years old until I was sixteen, was able to be there. And, of course, my family, friends, colleagues and creative collaborators who have been so supportive too. It was super special to have them all in a room together!

My music is a way to connect with people who may relate to some of my experiences or feelings. My lyrics might mean different things to different people, and I love that. I want people to take what they need from the songs. Ultimately, I hope my music helps people feel less alone, and more accepting of themselves.

Jack Watkins

Some people were surprised that it was such a big production – I think they’d been expecting me and a piano – but not all of the additional sound and light effects, the conversation with Clare, the video backdrops, artwork and merchandise that made it feel like a real event. One of the reasons I chose The Grand as the venue for the launch was because of the state-of-the-art audio and lighting set up, and it didn’t disappoint. The team were amazing at our tech rehearsal, working against the clock to get everything looking and sounding great.

I write music to explore my own ideas, thoughts, and problems, so it’s very personal to me. I have to admit to being nervous before I went on stage, but once I started playing, all of that disappeared, and I felt at ease. The audience was dancing, singing, laughing and crying. We felt it all that night!

Stream Jack Watkins’ music here.

The lyrics in the songs were written in collaboration with writer Clare Yarwood-White and tell a chronological story of transformation and journeying through themes of potential, vulnerability, loneliness and rebirth.

Words from Clare Yarwood-White:

Insta @clareyarwoodwhite

I had been working with Jack on his EP for almost a year before the launch, and he knew from the start that he wanted to stage a live event. He worked incredibly hard for months to pull the whole thing together and had a clear vision for the way he wanted it to be. I live in Surrey, so I had only seen photos and videos of The Grand until I arrived for rehearsal on the day of the event. We had originally planned to set up the venue with cabaret style tables and seating, but the guestlist numbers kept going up and up so we had to switch to theatre style to fit everyone in!

There was plenty to organise that afternoon, from piano tuning to setting up the merchandise and of course doing rehearsal and tech run through. I took a last-minute run to the florist to get flowers for the stage and, with the help of the amazing team at The Grand, I had just enough time to go home and shower before it was time to come back for the show.

I was very lucky to have a front row seat at the event, and I joined Jack on stage halfway through the show to talk about the new songs, how we had conceived and written them together, and the meaning behind the lyrics and the music. I am so proud of what Jack achieved that night and to have played a small part in it.

Written by Jack Watkins, Clare Yarwood-White and Georgia Clarkson