Band Weeks & Theatre Weeks

Using music and dance to spread positive messages about life choices. Through strong partnerships with charities focused on delivering the same work, our high energy, powerful band weeks end on a high, with a special events held at The Grand. 

This also gives the opportunity for any young person to find out more about any of the messages discussed during the weeks. It has been evidently clear that through band weeks, that young people feel more valued, have explored religion and felt more elevated. 

Tech School & Video School

Designed for creative young people whose persuasion is more for the production and technical aspects of the stage. Tech Schools offers industry insight into stage management, lighting and sound engineering. Video School focuses on video production, camera handling and lessons on how to create storyboards. 

GRAB The Event

The Ribble Valley's very own X-Factor, but better!

Working with all 4 of the major high schools, the annual GRAB: The Event is a showcase of incredibly talented young people. After hundreds of auditions, the competition is broken down in to 2 semi-finals and 1 huge final night! Where contestants get the opportunity to perform to a full crowd, have exposure to standards of the music and arts industry, and be in with the chance of landing cash prize and glistening trophy. 


Myskillz is an exciting project, aimed at primary school aged children. The project is devised to help make the transition from primary school to secondary school a little bit easier for those involved.

Using singing, acting and dancing, participants naturally gain confidence from being on the stage. Working towards a final choreographed performance piece also promotes teamwork and social interaction, vital skills to help smoothen a change in environment.