The Solomon Project

About The Solomon Project

The Solomon project is advocating the needs of some of Kenya’s poorest children. It works in partnership with Mary’s Meals, by using local produce and community volunteers to provide meals to chronically hungry children in their local school.

So far the Solomon project is feeding up to 8000 children but with your help, we are looking to extend our work. For more information or to donate to this worthwhile cause go to

Our Vision For The Future

Eldoret is a town in West/central Kenya, which is the nearest conurbation to the remote area of Turkana.

Many people fleeing the drought conditions have ended up here. Previous to that, Eldoret was the epicentre of the post-election tribal conflict from 2007 onwards which resulted in neighbour massacring neighbour. Many of the children being fed by the Solomon project are orphans as as a result of that period.

  • We want to see a difference in the lives of children in Eldoret.
  • We aim to continue to provide food in schools, practically being delivered by our partner Mary's Meals.
  • We aim to continue raising awareness of the daily reality of life for children in Eldoret and raise funds to extend the feeding project throughout the schools in Eldoret.

For more information or to donate to this worth while cause go to