Jazz Musician Snake Davis & Ella Shaw

InterviewsJuly 21, 2016
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It was a rather grey and meager Saturday that introduced our month of August within Clitheroe. The commute to work was desolate and encouraged speed; readily needed, if I was to make doors and ensure everything was set up for tonight’s performers.

The event was titled Snake Davis + Ella Shaw, I myself had obviously clued up throughout the previous months on both artists, listening to their material and promoting through our chosen methods. The event had been well received and ticket sales had gone very well, it was nothing more than what we expected, a local performer, accomplished both on piano and vocals who had starred in Britain’s Got Talent, added by a very popular saxophonist who had earlier appeared at the Ribble Valley Jazz Festival 2015. The two performers from the outset would appear to ideally compliment each other.

Parking up I could already see a few customers surrounding the venue looking over the events advertised within the window. I entered the venue to soft subtle notes only to be overwhelmed by vigorous sounds building up to a chorus, a group of figures stood onstage communicating to our sound engineers, in tune and removing any unwanted sounds in preparation for their performance.

Back out front the queues where massing and figures speedily approached the box office to receive their tickets. All eyes forming on myself to give the signal as to when the doors would be opened, like a military general ready to drop his arm to signal a charge for the nearest seat.

Doors opened and groups of individuals took their seats unaware of what a musical master class that was going to ensue. Ella Shaw took to the stage detailing about her time within the competition of Britain’s Got Talent and reflecting on her journey. Her music set the standard of the night and giving the audience the biggest incentive to see her live again at The Grand on the 5th September. Ella Left the stage to a rapturous applause and took her seat to watch Snake, accompanied by his band to take centre stage.

He introduced each individual playing with him like any other musician; courteous and respectful of the musical talent he was accompanied by. Then the music began; there are no words to describe how it made you feel, the memorable songs such as “Careless Whisper” George Michael to his own melodies of “Missing You” featured on his new album. The audience seemed to unify and collectively enjoy a true master of the saxophone instrument, an odd joke thrown in throughout the performance from Snake himself acting as the jovial host.

Whilst the music carried on the odd customer would come back to reception and would make a passing remark on how a man seemingly on stage so humble can be so talented. I myself hadn’t a response as I too was as much astounded by the quality of music accompanied by fulfillment from what you expect from a “good night out” Snake Played long into the night without pause, in fact he played a 75 minute set, I myself cant imagine how thirst quenching a performance of that length could be, yet snake the charmer himself had the time after his performance to greet his long travelled fans and sign a few CDs on the night. The man oozed class and it was evident that music was by no means a job for him. The crowds died down to leave Snake to pack away his things, along with the other band members.

I began the stages of closing up only to be greeted once again by Snake to offer me a CD of his; he thanked me for my work and proceeded, I was struck by the overwhelming feeling of gratitude from a man who only half an hour ago was playing to a packed out audience to now offering his music to me as a gesture.

The perks of working within a music venue I suppose are you do meet the odd good musician, Snake Davis being one I will never forget.

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