Yellow is the Colour of Sunshine

Friday 31 May 2019

  • Doors: 31/05/2019 11:00AM

Tutti-Frutti presents: 

Yellow is the Colour of Sunshine

Yoshi and Hani are as different as chalk is to cheese:

One big, one small

One noisy, one quiet

Side by side they play by the blue sea, run through the green fields and dance in the yellow sunshine.

But one day the sky turns grey and everything starts to change…

Will the sun ever come out again?

Yellow is the Colour of Sunshine is a new play told in words, sign, colours, music and movement about feelings, emotions, empathy and how we communicate.

Award winning writer Brendan Murray collaborates with theatre group Tutti frutti to bring you a show full of beautiful multi-coloured delights, for children to think about, be inspired by and enjoy.

‘tutti frutti productions are offering up something quite unique in contemporary Children’s Theatre at the moment’- Always Time for Theatre

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