RVJF: Talk – ‘Out of Oppression’:

Monday 06 May 2019

  • Doors: 06/05/2019 10:30AM

This talk/presentation will explore the social origins of jazz in oppression, slavery and Black “folk” music, and trace how this music has evolved into an integral part of American and world-wide, popular culture.  This journey will touch on the many fascinating social aspects of jazz – eg the myth of Red Light District jazz; the merging of vernacular African American music with Western compositions; the “exploitation” of Black musicians; how jazz was marketed to white audiences; the role of jazz in the Civil Rights Movement, and the increasing influence of cultures outside of the USA on jazz, etc. In doing this, the eight ‘periods’ of jazz will be outlined – from The Jazz Age through Hard Bop and Free Jazz through to the Nu Jazz and Rap influenced jazz of today. Some great, legendary recorded jazz music will be played to illustrate the talk. Come, take part, and enjoy!

Tickets include a sausage butty - please express preference of meat / veggie when buying your ticket.

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