Horse + Bamboo Theatre: Suffrajitsu

Friday 11 October 2019

  • Doors: 11/10/2019 06:00PM

From the cotton mills of the Lancashire hills to the big smoke of London, we follow Annie, a young mill lass as she fights for her right to vote. However, the fight for change is never easy, and young Annie must learn to defend herself and her fellow suffragettes from those that seek to stop them.

Suffrajitsus assemble!

Suffrajitsu tells the story of one young girl and how she learns that being small doesn’t mean you can’t change the world. Inspired by the real lives of suffragettes, this is the story of a movement that divided the nation. 

Suffrajitsus used Jiu Jitsu to protect themselves from arrest and police brutality, and ultimately helped win the fight to give women the vote! Combining original music, puppetry and some graphic novel style ‘Ka- Pows!’ Suffrajitsu shows you that you too can change the world, no matter who you are.

Suitable for all ages but aimed at aimed at 7 year olds and over - it is a very visual, compelling theatre piece.

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