Film: One Time in Winter

Saturday 30 March 2019

  • Doors: 30/03/2019 07:00PM

The Grand is pleased to support a collaborative event with young creatives from East Lancashire combining their talents for a night of music and film.

“One Time In Winter” is a short film project, written and directed by Broden Salmon, developed as a collaboration between young creatives from Clitheroe, Blackburn and surrounding areas. With a production team of 10 under-21 year olds working over the Christmas holidays, the film was shot over three days around Clitheroe, Blackburn and Accrington.
The cast - which features a group of 15-year-olds who had never acted previously - worked with the director in the months leading up to the production, building their confidence and acting abilities. Within a week, the projects "GoFundMe" goal was impressively exceeded, reaching £350 through local donations and support.

Four schoolboys skip the last day of winter term to go and meet their recently expelled friend, who leads them astray on a reckless day out.  With shell suits, ciders, cigarettes and pellet guns, the lads gallivant the miserable Northern countryside causing havoc.  However, when they stumble across a derelict and remote barn, away from their town and adult eyes, they’re taught the harsh consequences of reluctantly following and protagonist Ethan finds himself in conflict with his own morality. “One Time In Winter” ultimately explores both the more comical and darker aspects of youths hierarchies in an offbeat, gritty and surrealist fashion.

Over the Hills are an acoustic three piece consisting of some of the members from local band ‘Good Foxy.’ With powerful melodies and guitar work reminiscent of Nick Drake, an original tune of theirs closes the film, combining with very raw visuals to create an artistic ending. The band will also perform live on the night of the Premiere. 

*Please note, this film contains language and themes which some viewers may find offensive.