A Certain Ratio + Special Guests

Saturday 01 December 2018

  • Doors: 01/12/2018 07:00PM

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In the 40th anniversary year of Manchester's Factory Records, we are thrilled to present one of the most pioneering bands to ever emerge from the city's rich musical history. 

In a year of landmark anniversaries, we are delighted to present pioneering Manchester band A Certain Ratio ​(ACR) to perform at The Grand for the first time. 

A Certain Ratio were a mainstay of the early Factory Records catalogue - Tony Wilson's groundbreaking label that also announced such names as Joy Division, New Order, Happy Mondays and The Durutti Column to the world.

But ACR's influence - often underplayed - has been as significant as anyone's, merging the aesthetics of art, punk, electronics and funk to create a considerable canon of songs and albums that still inspires people, dance floors and concert halls. 

Now enjoying a glorious renaissance due to a happy partnership with Mute Records - who are reissuing the band's extensive back catalogue as well as unreleased material from the vaults,  A Certain Ratio (Jez Kerr, Donald Johnson, Martin Moscrop, Denise Johnson and Tony Quigley) continue to tour, playing, arguably, the best shows of their career, following last year’s incredible sold out hometown performance in Manchester.  

A Certain Ratio embraced the ethic and culture of the late seventies post-punk explosion, but sounded like nothing else around them and refused to fit in. Formed in 1978, the band had various members throughout their career, and a core line-up of Jez Kerr, Martin Moscrop and Donald Johnson.

Hailed universally as pioneers of what became known as “punk funk” thanks to the success of ‘Shack Up’ on both sides of the Atlantic, their sound is not easily pigeon holed and their influence can never be understated. The band introduced the avant-garde elements of funk, jazz, electronics, tape loops and technology to the pop song, wrapping it in a post punk aesthetic, adding great clothes and the coolest haircuts.

They have gone on to influence generations of musicians - from LCD Soundsystem, Happy Mondays, Franz Ferdinand, ESG, Factory Floor and Andrew Weatherall, to name but a few.

The Guardian’s Dave Simpson paid tribute to the band, once described as “James Brown on acid” in a recent Cult Heroes piece: “Once you start listening to A Certain Ratio, it’s difficult to stop”.

A Certain Ratio are supporters of Artists Against Hunger and will donate £1 for each ticket sold in 2018. For further details, please go to: http://againsthunger.uk/acr