4Front Theatre: Fisherman’s Tail

Wednesday 31 July 2019

  • Doors: 31/07/2019 06:30PM

4Front Theatre return to The Grand en route to the Edinburgh Festival with 'Fisherman's Tail',  a hearty, all age, actor-musician musical about four humble fishermen whose everyday lives are blown out of the water when they are caught up in the whirlwind of Jesus's life and miracles. 

A new piece of theatre featuring lots of catchy original tunes, this new take on the life and miracles of Jesus will guarantee to put the wind in your sails. Catch it while you can!


Also available in the check out:

Give the best away by Rosemary Lancaster (book)

Rosemary was born at the end of the Second World War. She grew up in a poor family in Clitheroe, struggling for survival in the era of ration books and austerity. Yet Rose was destined for something astonishing and inspiring, far beyond even her wildest dreams.

John Lancaster, whom she married, left school without qualifications, apparently a loser. But John had an amazing ability to fix machines and invent things. He would go on to corner the market in conservatory roofing systems. His company became a world leader, floating on the stock market for £136 million.

Suddenly they were multi millionaires. The pair, both committed Christians, set about giving away their astonishing fortune, starting with their employees. They set up the Lancaster Foundation, with Rose in charge. They purchased an emergency plane for Mission Aviation Fellowship, and started the first village for destitute AIDS victims in South Africa. They did not give and walk away: Rose found herself rescuing children from the rubbish tips of Kenya. They have sponsored arts initiatives and major inner city regeneration projects in Manchester. John and Rose have been nationally listed as two of Britain’s most generous philanthropists.

Now you can learn about their journey and the journey of those they have supported in Rosemary’s book “Give the Best Away.”

Order in the check out and collect at the performance.